How Yale New Haven Health System Cut Spending by Millions

In a “quest for unparalleled value,” Catalyst Healthcare Advisors partnered with Yale-New Haven Health System (YNHHS) executives to improve quality and eliminate waste across the health system.

The Health System’s leadership teamed up with Catalyst to optimize their workforce, eliminate waste, increase efficiency in the supply chain and purchased services, and implement a system-wide clinical redesign project – all without a reduction in force.

The clinical redesign team implemented an integrated, patient-centric approach to care that resulted in significant cost savings, and also improved quality scores, increased patient satisfaction, reduced average length of stay and increased workflow efficiency.

Catalyst also worked with YNHHS to address cost controls in all clinical and nonclinical supply areas, purchased services and contracts and all employee benefit areas. The team worked with current GPOs and vendors to implement process and technology improvements that sustained the annual cost savings.

The Catalyst-YHHHS team also optimized workload volumes, service and staff alignment, staffing management, scheduling, skill mix, recruiting and retention, salary administration and employee satisfaction. Catalyst worked collaboratively with YNHHS leaders to match current and future staff resource needs with the appropriate staff management and compensation models.

Working side by side, Catalyst Healthcare Advisors and Yale New Haven Health System leaders and clinicians exceeded expected cost savings, preserved the job of every employee, and generated “unparalleled” value for their patients.

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Steve Furry
Catalyst CEO

Steve has helped hundreds of healthcare providers of all sizes improve their financial, clinical and operational performance and reduce costs. He excels at managing the change process, helping boards, physicians and senior management reposition their organizations for sustainable success.

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