Clinical & Operational Transformation

Supply Chain Efficiency

Catalyst addresses cost controls in all clinical and nonclinical supply areas, purchased services and contracts, and all employee benefit areas. We work will all current GPOs and vendors, but are completely independent and have no contractual agreements to bias our efforts. We also implement any needed process and technology improvements.


Typical Catalyst Project Results:
5-8% Cost Reduction of Expense Items;
Improved Vendor Contract Terms and Compliance.

Workforce Optimization

We address workload volumes, service and staff alignment, staffing management, scheduling, skill mix, recruiting and retention, salary administration, employee satisfaction. We work collaboratively with client leadership to select the best approach to match current and future staff resource needs with the appropriate staff management models.

Typical Catalyst Project Results:
5-15% Labor Cost Reduction;
Improved Alignment of Staffing; Increased Employee Satisfaction.

Clinical Quality and Effectiveness

Our clinical effectiveness teams improve quality of care and outcomes by reducing variability in care delivery, reducing duplication and avoidable services, improving patient throughput, decreasing length of stay or visit time, and reducing overutilization of labs, radiology, pharmacy and supplies. Using evidence-based techniques and technology-enabled solutions, our teams create an accelerated timeline to facilitate maximum benefits.

Typical Catalyst Project Results:
Decreased LOS, Cost/Case, Denials and Avoidable Days;
Increased Core Measure Outcomes.

Chronic Care Management

Catalyst helps providers develop a scalable, cost-effective high-touch chronic care management program that supports improved patient outcomes and drives recurring reimbursement revenue without increasing staff. Using digital health, data analytics and personalized care management tools, our team partners with providers to implement efficient and effective CCM solutions that improve outcomes, enhance the patient experience and increase revenues, without compromising care.

Client Results

“Catalyst exceeded our original targets in workforce productivity, supply chain/purchased services and clinical redesign.”

Richard D’Aquila
Executive Vice President
Yale New Haven Health System

“Catalyst kick-started our EHR selection by leading us through a proven process that resulted in stakeholder consensus.”

Brent A. Richard
Administrative Director of Information Services
Southern Ohio Medical Center

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